Friday, October 8, 2010

A Letter From Ethan

Dear World, 

My name is Ethan, and my parents love me unconditionally, as do my sisters. I am one of the coolest and cutest one year olds you’ll meet!  
I also have Down syndrome, and I am not a burden on anyone. I am just as perfect and healthy as any other child my age. I am a boy just like any other boy. Raising me hasn’t been any different than how my mom and dad have raised my sisters, maybe we go to the doctors more, just to make sure I stay healthy. In a couple of years I will go to a regular school just like my sisters and be with other children just like you and even some like me. 
One day I might fall in love and get married, maybe one day I’ll also be able to go to college and get job training and get a real cool job, sure I probably won’t be a neuroscientist, but most like neither will you... Maybe one day I will live by myself, or maybe with roommates, or maybe I’ll stay home.. You are wrong to assume I will have no future or that I will burden my parents life 20 years from now. If anything they can’t wait to travel the world and take me along. They even said I can bring my girlfriend (or wife) along for our trips.  
I think I will have the most exciting life ever!

You are no better than me… I am a human being, and I demand respect.


(picture to follow later)

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  1. That is a beautiful letter. My youngest son will be 3 next month and I feel just like that. He is not a burden and I don't think he ever will be. He is a blessing, just like my older "normal" son. We love them both just as much as we can. We live in a great community and so far have not had any bad experiences with people. Generally people just comment on how cute he is or how precious he is. Had a stranger walk up to him and tell him he is one of the lucky ones. Ethan is beautiful and so are your daughters. Lynne in GA


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