Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our NORMAL life

One thing I feared when we found out about the possibility of Ds with Ethan.. was that my life would no longer be "normal".. What the heck is normal anyways! That was the silliest thing (ok, I confess I thought A LOT of other silly stuff so this does not beat then all).

But I have come to realize that our life is more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamt!
And it is still, pretty NORMAL -ha!

Also, we still get to go out and be seen in public. Another fear was that we would never leave the house. How dare I be seen with a child with Ds! Look at me know, trying to show that little booger off!

Saturday we went to the Ziegenbock Music Festival.. checked out a few country music acts. Life couldn't be more enjoyable....and any more normal.




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