Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not a Good Day

Today hasn’t been a very good day.

See everyone, I am more like you than what you think. Having a very special child doesn’t give me special powers. Though I wish it did. I would have a wand and swing it around and turn people into toads… better yet, I would pop their implants and make them gain 50lbs with a single swing of my wand.

I still can’t stop others from being ugly and malicious.

It hits me very hard when people disrespect me. If they cant respect ME, a grown woman that can speak up for herself, how can the world ever respect my son.

And you know another reason why it really sucks, because my life generally ROCKS. Maybe my OH SO ROCKING life is too much for others to swallow and they are envious of all the good I can make out of my life. But did you read that ? “ALL THE GOOD I CAN MAKE OUT OF MY LIFE.” I MAKE the magic happen in my life.

I think I will go hide under a rock for a while today… and pray… for myself… and HER-EVIL-WICKEDNESS.

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