Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Sweet Elizabeth

Elizabeth…? Who the heck is Elizabeth you are wondering over there. Yes yes, I know, I have two daughters and their names are Andrea and Gabby. Two little girls I could never live without.

I am prayer warrior, through Reece’s Rainbow. I was matched with Elizabeth. She is an orphan with Down syndrome somewhere in Russia.

I can’t even begin to describe what I feel as I look through all the pictures and bio’s of these children on RR website. MANY children waiting for their forever families. Some of them resemble Ethan’s little face. I spend a whole lot of time just crying over them. Not just my eyes cry, but my heart and soul.

I KNOW one day we will adopt one of these children.

You have to understand why I cry so much when I see these faces. Not because they have Down syndrome and they resemble one of the biggest loves in my life or because I want to save them all, but because once they reach a certain age (usually 4 or 5) they are thrown in institutions where they will never be able to be adopted out of, and they will basically rot to death… tied to a bed, or a crib, some small cell like room with very little interaction. They won’t live many years after that.

Tell me that don’t shatter your heart…especially if you have ever held Ethan or held another child like Ethan. To know that hundreds of children like him will never be held the way I hold Ethan… they will only live for maybe half the life span of Ethan –yeah, it is safe to say that it hurts.

In the meantime, I will pray for Elizabeth, that she stays in good health and for her to soon find her forever family. I will pray. Day in. Day out. For Elizabeth.

I pray that she finds her mommy and daddy that will tell her that they love her. Two parents that will love her unconditionally and see the true beauty in her almond shaped eyes and kiss her the way I kiss Ethan every other minute.. two parents that will tell her that God loves her as well.

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Feel free to pray for my Elizabeth.

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