Monday, October 18, 2010

Hand in Hand

Sunday was our Annual Gathering of Friends picnic, hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Houston, for all the families with a loved with Ds and all of their families and friends! (We weren’t able to convince any of our family and friends to come, but the experience was still absolutely unforgettable.)

Sunday 1st of all, was just a day like no other. It started at church, where I felt something completely different in my heart, I felt Jesus that day, but stronger than I ever had. I felt Him, I felt Him so close, right next to me. As I held my little boy, worshiping and praising Jesus, it touched me so deep and I couldn’t fight the tears back. Every now and then Ethan would lift his little hands up in the air, and if my heart could explode, it would have rained drops of joy all over the place.

“You are Holy, oh so Holy..” I can’t get it out of my head.

And had it not been for this little boy, who knows if I would have ever step foot in a church. God and Ethan, they really do go hand in hand. I once thought I could never have and raise a child with special needs… I once thought I didn’t need to go to church. Thank you Lord for proving me wrong.

And I would love to invite YOU to church! Yes, YOU! If you are reading this and do not attend church and live here in Houston, this is my invitation! Call me, text me, email me!!! I’ll be waiting.

So once at the gathering of friends, I couldn’t stop looking around at all the beautiful faces. Those with and without Ds. Just beautiful people overall, those who are ever so lucky to be able to love a person with Down syndrome.

We let the kids run loose. We mingled with all of our friends. Ethan discovered new flavors at the ice cream shop! There aren’t many girls in the area with Ds, or it is quite possible that their mom’s are hiding them from Ethan. Ethan likes to lead the women on, then he leaves them crying. But Sunday, them pretty girls were out! Even with Ethan’s allergies and runny nose, the girls couldn’t get enough of him. Pure Hunkness, I tell you!

My favoritest (yeah, I can make up words too!)thing to do was watch the kids and grownups dance. I was however pretty embarrassed that these kids moved with more rhythm than mine and Santiago’s combined. No, we weren’t brave enough to go up there and dance. Besides who could compete with those kids up there! They shook it and dropped it and all sorts of it. And here is a confession of a twenty something- married with 20kids- woman… I might secretly have a crush on Bobby! He danced with all the confidence in the world with them shades on! I swear when Emilio’s “Cómo hare” came on, I was for sure he was singing to me! I am just saying. According to his grandma, his favorite things are music, sports and GIRLS. Just like any other young man. MUAH – kissing his picture on my calendar!

Another thing I really enjoyed was watching David and his girlfriend. She was ALL over him, just like any other girl her age would be. And I LOVED every second of it. And they called it puppy love! I loved the way she so lovingly placed her hands around him, how she wrapped her arm around his, and I loved David’s “cool guy” attitude as she, just like hot butter on the stove, melted over him. One day, Ethan is going to have a girl melt all over him just like that. I just know it.

This extra chromosome that Ethan entered the world with has been the most rewarding gift I’ve ever received. It has opened up my eyes to many things. This extra chromosome helped me seek God, and even after I had abandoned him long ago, He was still there waiting for me. This extra chromosome has showed me that no matter who you are, we are all more alike than different.

(part 2 with pictures to come later!) 


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  1. Mercy Me, one of my favs. Have u listened to I could only imagine? Or Bring the rain? I recommend. Have a great one!
    Your cousin,


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