Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Money money money!!!!

(did i get your attention...)
Once again, I had this great blog entry all typed up and ready to go, then somebody changed my mood which didnt fit the super happy entry I had, so I had to switch gears...
But instead I found this great blog

I invite you to check it out, and make a donation.. (yeah Yeah I keep asking for money, but IT's not for me, it's for great things in life...)
LOOK - I dont have any money! LORD knows I can barely pay my bills sometimes, but I know my $5 can somehow save the life of this child, so I donated $5! And I hope everyone can stop being so selfish for once and dig deep into their hearts...

Even when I am in a bad mood, I am still trying to save lives! geez.

And to make the mood a little better... here are some pics:

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  1. aww the girls are getting so big!! and look at Ethan, he's riding in style:D


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