Thursday, October 7, 2010


Somebody rained on my parade yesterday… but had my day continue to have been full of sunshine and birds tweeting, this is how yesterday’s post was suppose to have gone (please note, today is DAY 7):
Day 6 of this 31 posts for 21 (T21 – AKA Trisomy 21 – AKA Down Syndrome), where I post every single day in the month of October (October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month).

And not only is it JUST day 6, it is also my 29 28 BIRTHDAY! Or something like that. Yup, it is!

And another thing today has been is a GREAT day!

I woke up this morning, and I didn’t have more extra wrinkles than the day before! A gray hair didn’t just stand up straight in the middle of my head. And I definitely do not look a WHOLE year older than yesterday.

And I was ALIVE and in great health, and so where my kids and my husband!  

Every single morning, it is a ritual in our house, from my bed I yell out “GABBY, WAKE UP” .. every morning, she replies with a sleepy, “ok – I’m up” but today, without sparing me second after my holler, she replied in her usual sleepy voice “Happy Birthday Mom”.

My little girl loves me. (Both of my girls love me.)

Andrea made me a beautiful birthday drawing straight from her heart and Gabby gave me a card. I was unable to open it till I was at work. Once I was comfortably sitting at my desk at work, I carefully opened the white envelope with lip gloss kisses on the front… that now looked like grease stains. …It filled my eyes with lots of happy tears.. You know what, I think I (and daddy as well) have done a great job raising this kid.

Today is full of a lot of “and’s” that is for sure.

….AND I even made the perfect choice of wearing stretchy pants today, cause guess what, my dear friends (they are more than just coworkers) made sure to keep me well fed today!

I was brought a huge yellow cake with chocolate frosting made  with real Hershey’s!!! AND I was taken out to lunch and overstuffed! AND my coffee was brewed and ready to go, for both the morning and afternoon coffee breaks!

…you hear that, that is my heart, full of love, beating rapidly with lots and lots of love.

I misplaced my wand today. That was a real bummer. I think someone hid it from me so I wouldn’t be sneaky with it. Today, with that wand I would have turned those coffee cups into margaritas!

I have learned a lot in the past 20something (haha- yeah 20SOMETHING is right) years of my life.
I’ve had a rough life, I wont sugar coat anything, but if there is one thing I know, it is that this past year has been the greatest of them all. AND I only anticipate them to getting better.

Happy Birthday to ME… AND may the next 20something years be just and even more amazing.

(pics to be added later)

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  1. great co-workers (and friends) that u have at work!


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